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The Anti-Missionary Gateway

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Please note:
This site is not aimed at or against Christians.
This site is aimed against Christians who seek or want to
convert Jews to Christianity.

We Jews refer to them as "missionaries." We Jews respect Christians who maintain the doctrines of their belief, but we do not accept anyone's "right" to proselytize.

* Why Jews Don't believe in Jesus
A brief overview of the basic reasons that Jews do not believe Jesus was the Messiah by explaining, in brief, what the Torah says the Messiah will be. This does not contain any specific proofs or quotes. It is simply a quick statement of our position.

* What the Messiah is Supposed to Do
This is a more detailed discussion than the previous article. What the Messiah will do and what he will be like. The Messiah and the Torah. What the Messianic Era will be like. The potential Messiah of each generation.

* Is Christianity a form of Judaism?
Christians assert that Christianity is a form of Judaism, and that jesus is the same as the G-d of the Jews. Who gets to decide?

* Do We Need Jesus?
Do we need to go through jesus to attain Heaven, or to be righteous? Can we reach G-d directly? Even Jesus said you do not need to believe in him, and that believing in him is not what gets you into Heaven, but obeying Hashem! Surprise: G-d can accept sin!

* What Judaism Thinks of Missionaries
Why I am not interested in receiving email from missionaries. Why I answer them the way I do, even though I am perfectly capable of disproving all their points. Why we do not have to treat missionaries with respect.

* Has the Law Been Completely Fulfilled?
Christians believe that the Law of Moses has been completely fulfilled, and need no longer be obeyed. Why that makes no sense. What the Law of Moses is actually for. Did Jesus really keep the Law of Moses? What is our requirement regarding the Law of Moses?

* How Does a Jew Attain Salvation?
Are we all doomed to sin? Are we all sinful? Do Jews need to be saved? What is the definition of 'righteous?' Some more ways that Judaism is better than Christianity.

* Is Christianity the Higher Religion?
Christians believe that the Law of Moses has been abolished in favor of a better, higher religion. Which is really the better, higher religion, Judaism or Christianity? Is Judaism bad? Is Christianity really good? Which religion teaches and practices hate?

* Was Jesus Merciful?
Hashem is very merciful. Jesus is not portrayed as merciful in the Christian bible, nor by Christian doctrine.
This article was created because a missionary wrote me and tried to convert me. When missionaries write me, they give me new ideas for refuting Christianity. So to all missionaries who write me, be aware: you're not doing yourselves any favors by writing me.

* What would Jesus Do?
A quiz where you can find out if your behavior measures up the jesus's standards. Or, for that matter, if he measures up to yours.
Christians keep arguing that jesus was good, nice, kind, wise, and all sorts of other beneficial things. But does their bible support that belief? Or was his behavior was reprehensible?

* The Supposed Virgin Birth
Was Mary a virgin when she conceived jesus? Where did this idea of a "virgin mother of a god" come from? Was Mary really a virgin? How do we know? Would it make a difference if she was? Is the Messiah supposed to be "born of a virgin?" Does Isaiah even mention a virgin in Isaiah 7:14? (Guess again.)

* Anti-Missionary Links
Links to other pages that discuss the mistakes and lies of Christian missionaries.

This may some day have many more articles about
how to refute Christian missionaries,
but currently I am not focusing
on that project.

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