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Purim Gateway

What is the meaning of Purim?
About the Book of Esther. Some of the History of Purim. The origins of the name "Esther." The Lesson of Purim.

How is Purim celebrated?
The Reading of the Megillah. The Meals of the Day. Sending Food. The Gifts of Charity. The Joy of the Day. Drinking Wine. The Half-Shekel.

Why do people make parties on Purim?
There Were Parties in the Book of Esther. Publicizing the Miracle.

Why do people dress in disguises and costumes on Purim?
Hashem is Anonymous. When Gentiles pretended to be Jews.

A Pair of Queens: The Dual Nature of Queen Esther
What can we learn from Queen Esther and her character, that we can teach our daughters today? The two names of Queen Esther, what they signify, and what we can all learn from them.

How come nobody prays in the book of Esther? Where is G-d in this Book?
Actually, there is praying in this Book. Hashem is "Hidden" in the Book of Esther. Why?

Why was it bad for them to want to kill the Jews but ok for the Jews to kill 75,000 of them?
The difference between what the Gentiles wanted to do, and what the Jews did.

What else does the Talmud say about the events of Purim?
It happened because someone couldn't count. Who was right, and who was wrong? And what about all that feasting?

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