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Sukkos: The Festival of Joy

Its Meanings and Customs

We have been victorious! Yom Kippur has passed, and Hashem has forgiven all our sins! Now we go forth in triumph and joy, and celebrate the Commandments that Hashem has given us.

Sukkos, of all the Jewish Holidays, has the most Commandments associated with it. We have the Four Species, the Sukkah, the Water Libations of the Holy Temple, Hoshanos, and a special Commandment of joy added to the regular Commandment that we serve Hashem joyfully all year round.

The first two nights of Sukkos we must sit in the Sukkah and eat something. The rest of the Holiday we need to sit in a Sukkah only if we want to eat, but we are not required to eat. The first night is different, and special, in that way.

But throughout all of Sukkos, we are required to be joyful. This comes to a sharper focus on the last two days of the Holiday, which I hope to devote another article to, Hashem willing.

Meanwhile, read more about the details of the joyful Laws of Sukkos:

What is a Sukkah?
Why has Hashem commanded us to build a Sukkah? What's it all about?

How to Make a Sukkah
What is a Sukkah? What does one look like? (Gif included.)

What Foods Mandate a Sukkah?
Certain foods you must eat in a Sukkah, and certain foods you may eat even outside a Sukkah. Here are the guidelines.

The Four Species
Each morning throughout Sukkos we pray while holding these four specific species. Why?

Shemini Atzeres
Another two days of Holiday right after Sukkos, days of Extra Joy and Celebration.

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