Has the Law Been Completely Fulfilled?

When I discuss the concept of obeying the Commandments of Hashem, which is the basis of the Torah, Christians often respond,

“We Christians believe that the Law of Moses has been fulfilled and now we are to live a higher law.”

I have to admit that those words make no sense to me. What little of them I understand shocks me.

There is no such concept as the Law of Moses having been all fulfilled. That’s like saying “I no longer have to eat because all the eating in the world has been fulfilled.” Does that make any sense?

The Torah, Hashem’s word that He taught us through Moses, is the inheritance of the Congregation of Jacob, as the Torah says (Deuteronomy 33:4). It is our birthright, and our responsibility. I don’t know what this “all fulfilled” thing means.

The Torah is what gives us holiness, and the Torah explains how to fulfill Hashem’s will. The Torah is our life, and our survival, both in this world and in the next.

We are required to fulfill Hashem’s will, and we do so joyously, because it is what Hashem desires.

And if someone is on a lower level, and does not fulfill the Torah for the pure reason of doing Hashem’s will, then he does it because it is the greatest opportunity that Hashem has ever given any living thing, and it will give great reward to those who fulfill it.

So what in the world does “it was all fulfilled” mean? Do they think it’s like a box that has to be filled? Now the box has been filled, so we can stop packing?

The Torah is not a task that has to be completed. It’s the way Hashem told us to live our lives.

I also have to wonder how they can claim that jesus fulfilled the Law in its entirety. In the Christian bible he makes it quite clear that he felt he was above the necessity of keeping the Law. He picked corn on the Sabbath, a clear violation of Torah Law. He did not wash his hands before eating, he cursed almost everyone, he was very vengeful, and he was disrespectful to his parents and to the Rabbis, to name just a few of his transgressions. So in what way has the Law of Moses been “fulfilled?”

We who follow the Torah must know this: “The hidden things pertain to Hashem our G-d, and the revealed to us and to our children forever, to obey all the Commandments of this Torah” (Deut. 29:28).

The Torah has not revealed to us that we must follow jesus. The Torah has revealed to us that we must obey all the Commandments, and that is how we reach Hashem. Not through any person, but through obeying the Commandments of the Torah.

The second part of their claim, that “now we are to live a higher law,” I deal with in my article: Is Christianity the Higher Religion?

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