Erev Shabbos Check-Off List

Print out and attach to your refrigerator or bulletin board.

Everything you do, say “L’kovod Shabbos Kodesh” (“For the Honor of the Holy Shabbos”).

Except for the very last itme, it doesn't matter what order you do most of the things on this list.

Make cholent – Ashkenazi cholent must cook overnight so start it early

Bake or Defrost Challos (special bread for Shabbos)

Make or Defrost soup (you can cook enough soup for several weeks and freeze it)

Make fish

Make kugel (look for recipes for this; there are many types of kugel)

Make knaidlach (matzahballs)

Make side dishes (vegetables, rice, what-have-you)

Make soup noodles

Cook eggs (some people eat a special egg dish for the Shabbos day meal)

Set timers (for lights, samovar, etc.)

Set heat / AC (since we may not adjust these on Shabbos)

Set & Tape light switches (so you don’t accidentally flip them during Shabbos)

Hot water for coffee/tea (samovar or kettle on blech)

Set Dining Room table

Set Shabbos Lights (also leave a small piece of challah or matzah on the lights tray)

Put drinks in fridge

Turn off phone ringers (you may leave the answering machine on)

Shut down computers and other appliances you can’t use on Shabbos

Take out garbage (you can’t tie knots and you often can’t carry outside, on Shabbos)

Polish shoes

Cut fingernails

Shower at home or at the Mikvah (for men)

Dress for Shabbos (women: apply makeup now; on Shabbos it is forbidden to apply)

Make Blech (place chicken, soup, cholent, kugel, challah, side dishes – heat up first)

Light Shabbos Lights (candles or oil & wicks) -- DO NOT CHECK THIS OFF!!

After Lighting Shabbos Lights, it is forbidden to perform any of the 39 Melachos -- specific types of creative activities.

Note: Many of the details on this list assume Ashkenazi Customs and food. Customs vary.

Anything you don’t understand, please check and see if there is an article about it on the web site. If not, please-mail and ask me about. See link below.

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(Written 11/06/08)