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Are Non-Orthodox Jews Still Jews?

The first four articles in this section are written in the form of questions people sent me, with each question followed by my answer.

* Part One
The Rabbis' Announcement. * Non-Orthodox Converts. * Doesn't Sincerity Count?

* Part Two
Why Is "Who is a Jew?" Important? * Children of Intermarriages. * Are Non-Orthodox Rabbis still Rabbis? * Aren't the Orthodox Divisionary? * Why Can't Jewish Laws be Altered?

* Part Three
Individual or Preferential Differences and Jewish Law. * is the Jewish Population Declining? * Do We Need More Jews? * What Causes Assimilation? * Why is it Mostly the non-Orthodox who Assimilate?

* Part Four
Do Non-Orthodox Jews Care About These Issues? * Haven't the Rabbis Always Changed the Laws? Why Can't We? * Analogy: If Pants Don't Fit, Shouldn't We Alter Them? Shouldn't We also Change Jewish Law?

* The Origins of the Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Movements
An article by Lawrence Keleman in Jewish Action magazine, Summer 1999.
Please note that I did not write this article. The author, Mr. Lawrence Keleman, was a member of all of these movements at one time or another. None of the claims made in this article are Mr. Keleman's. For every statement he makes about any group he quotes sources from that very group. So when he tells you what the Reform say, he is telling you what Reform leaders have written in their very own books and periodicals.

* The Platforms of Some of the Jewish Denominations
People keep asking me about the difference between the various movements. Here's the answer in brief.

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