Anti-Missionary Web Sites

(Updated December 21, '09)

If you are interested in studying more in detail about the differences between Judaism and Christianity, choose from the lists below. It is not organized in any particular order.

Jews For Judaism an international anti-missionary organization. An extensive website.

Their Hollow Inheritance (A complete book for free). A great book, I recommend it. Among other things, this book offers a great deal of evidence for some rather surprising information about the origins of christianity.

Outreach Judaism bringing back Jews from the Church

Torah Life And Living: The Emergency Room for Jewish Souls.
A site by professionals dedicated to anti-cult work and anti-missionary work. They provide help if a family member has been seduced by a cult, and Exit Counseling for those who themselves are or have been in cults.

Sites I have seen but have looked at only briefly:

(Links verified 12/21/09)

Shomrai HaBrit-Keepers of the Covenant

Project Truth: Response to Christian missionaries.

Some articles at Aish HaTorah about this subject.

We Are Not Going To Burn in Hell: A Jewish Response to Christianity

Kersey Graves: The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors Mostly good, but check out his sources, because some people say he is inaccurate at times.

Anti-Missionary Study Hall

Why don't Jews Believe in jesus? and many other relevant articles.

Torah Media A series of on-line audio lectures with step-by-step guides for refuting missionaries. This is only one of the lecture series they have available on Jewish topics. In their own words: "....this site is dedicated to defeating the attempts of missionaries of all types to deceive Jews into converting to another religion."

Hareshima's Counter-Missionary Links Page.

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