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Frequently Asked Questions About Judaism

* Part One
What does "Torah" mean? And what do "Tanach," "Halachah," "Mitzvah," "Mezuzah," and "Tefillin," mean? Why do some people write "G-d" instead of spelling it out in full? How does Kosher work?

* Part Two
What is Shabbos/Shabbat? What is a bagel? Why don't Jews believe in Jesus? How does the Jewish Calendar work? Why are Jewish Women allowed to wear wigs?

* The Chosen People
The History Behind It. Is it still true today? Why Choose Us? Who is Included in This? What it means to be "chosen."

* Men and Women in Judaism
Is a Wife the property of her husband, in Jewish Law? Does a Man "Inherit" his Brother's Wife When the Brother Dies? Does Judaism Consider Women Unclean or Disgusting? Why won't Men Touch Women?

* Good and Evil
Does Judaism believe that the world is in a Conflict Between Good & Evil?

* What's With Those Kosher Symbols Anyway?
Are those O's and U's really necessary? What are they for? Do Rabbis really bless the food? A lot of hate groups talk about this, without any understanding of the subject. Here's the truth.

* Halloween and Jews?
Are Judaism and Halloween compatible? Can it fit into Jewish life?

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