The Book of Esther: Chapter 8

Translated by Mordecai Housman

© Copyright 2011

Chapter 8

The Circle is Complete

1 That day, King Achashvairosh gave Queen Esther the house of Haman, the persecutor of the Jews. Mordechai came before the king, because Esther had revealed their relationship.

2 The king removed the ring he had given Haman and gave it to Mordechai, and Esther put Mordechai in charge of Haman’s house.

Esther Pleads for Full Mercy

3 Once again, Esther spoke to the king, falling at his feet. She cried and pleaded with him to overturn the evil of Haman the Agagite and his plan against the Jews.

4 The king extended his golden scepter to Esther, and she stood up before the king.

5 She said, «If it pleases the king, and if the king likes me, and if he thinks this is a good idea, and if he approves of me, let a decree be written to repeal the decree of the plot of Haman, son of Hamdoso the Agagite, which was to kill the Jews throughout the empire.

6 «How can I stand to watch this evil happen to my nation? How can I stand to see the destruction of my people?»

A New Decree Is Issued

7 King Achashvairosh said to Queen Esther and Mordechai the Jew, «See, I have given Haman’s house to Esther, and Haman has been hanged on the gallows because he tried to harm the Jews.

8 «Now, write up a new decree concerning the Jews as you see fit, and sign it with the royal signet ring. Since the first decree was written in the name of the king, and signed with the royal signet ring, it cannot be repealed.»

9 The king’s scribes were summoned immediately, on the thirteenth day of the third month, Sivan. Everything that Mordechai commanded was written to the Jews, to the officers, governors and ministers of the provinces from Hodu to Cush, all one hundred twenty seven, each province in its alphabet, and each nation in its language, and to the Jews in their alphabet and language.

10 It was written in the name of King Achashvairosh, and signed with the royal signet ring. The scrolls were sent out with the swift horse-riding couriers, riders of the royal camel-mules, dromedaries bred from mares.

11 The decree stated that the king permits the Jews of each city to gather and defend themselves, to destroy, kill, and eradicate all the armies menacing them, children and women, and to pillage their property,

12 For one day, throughout all the provinces of King Achashvairosh, on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, Adar.

13 Copies of the letter were to be publicly distributed in each province, that the Jews were to be ready on that day to take revenge against their enemies.

14 The couriers, who were riding the valuable dromedaries, left in a hurry, urged by the king’s command. The decree was posted in Shushan Capital.

The Triumphal Celebration

15 Mordechai left the king’s presence wearing royal clothing of blue and white, with a large golden crown, and a robe of fine, purple linen; then the city of Shushan was lighthearted and joyful.

16 The Jews were now able to enjoy the light of Torah, the delight of the Jewish Holidays, the joy of performing the Commandment of Circumcision, and the precious honor of the Commandment of tefillin.

17 Similarly, in every province and city to which the king’s decree and authority reached there was joy and gladness for the Jews, as well as feasting and holiday. Many of the non-Jews claimed to be Jewish, because they had become afraid of the Jews.

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