The Book of Esther: Chapter 7

Translated by Mordecai Housman

© Copyright 2011

Chapter 7

Esther’s Plea

1 The king and Haman came to drink with Queen Esther.

2 On the second day, the king said again to Esther, over the wine, «Whatever your desire, Queen Esther, you shall have. And whatever you request, up until half the empire, will be done.»

3 Queen Esther answered, «If the king likes me, and if it please the king, grant me my life as my desire, and my people as my request.

4 «My people and I have been sold to be destroyed, killed, and eradicated. Had we been sold as slaves I would have stayed silent, but this enemy is not concerned about the king’s financial loss.»

The Plot Is Overthrown

5 King Achashvairosh said to Queen Esther, «Who is this? Who would dare do this?»

6 Esther said, «That man, the persecutor, the enemy, is that evil Haman there!» And Haman became terrified of the king and queen.

7 In his anger, the king stood up and went to the palace garden. Haman began pleading with Queen Esther for his life, because he saw that the king was determined to do him harm.

8 As the king returned from the palace garden to the banquet room, Haman fell on Esther’s couch. The king exclaimed, «Would he attack the queen even when I’m in the house?!» When the king said that, they covered up Haman’s face.

9 Charvonah, one of the king’s attendants, said to the king, «There’s also a fifty-cubit-high gallows in Haman’s house that Haman made for Mordechai, who saved the king.» Said the king, «Hang him on it.»

10 So they hanged Haman on the gallows he had prepared for Mordechai, and the king’s anger subsided.

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