The Basics of Being Jewish

What is Being Jewish?
Judaism is not a “quick-fix” religion. It takes total immersion, and it lovingly encompasses all of a person’s life.

What Does Judaism Believe?
The religion of life. The primary beliefs of Judaism are touched upon here, and some major myths about Judaism, G-d, and life in general are debunked. 

The New Moon, and the Power of Judaism
The importance of the New Moon in Judaism. How it was inaugurated in ancient times, and how it was set for the future. A beautiful Midrash that speaks of the power of Judaism in the spiritual realm. The relationship and difference between Shabbat and the Holidays.

Why Did G-d Create the World?
What purpose do we have in life? Why are there two worlds, this one and the next?

Does Judaism Believe in Satan?
Is there a guy in a red suit and a trident? Is Satan, if he exists, a rebellious angel? Does Satan bother us? If so, why? This article should be read after the above article, Why Did G-d Create the World?

Are You Sure There’s a Satan?
Yes, Virginia, there is a Satan. And there’s a Purgatory too. The Jewish Bible says so, the Talmud says so, and even our Prayers mention them.

Torah: The Blueprint of Creation
What the Torah means to us and the world. Why study Torah? How to combat the Evil Inclination.

What’s the Point of Prayer?
“G-d, I don’t ask You for much.” Is that a compelling prayer? * The most important creation in all the universe. * How is life like a wedding feast? * What does prayer accomplish?

The Path of Repentance
How to repent. Repenting a bit at a time. What if you sin again? Sinners that go to Heaven.