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The Shabbat Gateway

How to Keep Shabbat

Observance of Shabbat is one of the three most fundamental principles of Judaism.
In this gateway we will discuss practical information you can use on how to keep Shabbos (Shabbat).

It is my hope now to begin, with Hashem's help, a major project: to discuss Shabbos (Shabbat) from A to Z, details about every moment from preparing for Shabbos until after Shabbos ends. If Hashem desires it, and if He grants me the ability to do this, there should be many more articles to come.

Before Shabbos Begins

Shabbos: A Personal Contract Shabbos (Shabbat) as a "sign." The delight of Shabbos. More than just a part of our lives. The value of Shabbos.
The Reason For Shabbos Some of the reasons that Hashem gave us the gift of Shabbos (Shabbat/Sabbath). Spiritual benefits and physical rest.
Find a Place for Shabbos Links to websites that can help you find places to eat and/or stay for Shabbos.
The Weekly Portion of Torah How to study the Weekly Portion of the Torah. Preparing for Shabbos. A Deeper Understanding of Reviewing the Parshah. When to Study the Parshah.

Erev Shabbos (Friday)

Preparing for Shabbos In Ages Past and Today. Shopping for Shabbos. Cooking and Cleaning. Personal Preparations. Final Preparations.
Erev Shabbos Check-Off List Erev Shabbos To-Do List. Organize your Fridays! Print out and attach to your refrigerator or bulletin board, and check off each item as its done.
Lighting Candles The Procedure and Blessing for Lighting the Sabbath Candles

During Shabbos

Friday Night Kiddush Declaring the holiness of Shabbos by honoring it with a cup of wine.
Washing for Challah Beginning the Sabbath Meal. (Challah is the special Shabbos bread.)
Benshing The Grace after Meals
Sholosh Seudos The Third Shabbos Meal

As Shabbos Ends

Havdalah Remembering Shabbat as it ends
After Havdalah The Blessing after the Wine

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