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Being Jewish Web Site

Kresel's Korner, and Kresel's Great Articles!
The companion site to Being Jewish, my wife's site. For the Orthodox-Jewish Woman's viewpoint on various issues. Are women second-class citizens? NO!

She'arim College of Jewish Studies for Women.
Where my wife Kressel studied. I can't speak highly enough about it!

Jewish America
One of the greatest sites about Judaism that I have ever seen! While you're here, don't forget to take the "Tour of Jewish and World History." It's amazingly well done!

The Shmuz
The Shmuz is a 45 minute Torah lecture that focuses on major issues of life. Each week a new "shiur" (Torah lecture) is added, about the Jewish approach to life, with amazing insights on the universe, on people, and, of course, on how to understand and fulfill the finer points of the Torah in this day and age.
A very interesting (and growing) site with a variety of excellent articles about Judaism and about issues of Judaism. The author of the page describes it as: "An assortment of articles dealing with the major issues in Judaism. Subjects include: TV, Intermarriage, Relationships etc."
An interesting and easy-to-read summary of the Torah, with one-page summaries of every book and each chapter, along with selected commentaries by Rashi, research, analysis, and beautiful images on every page.

Jewish-People-Unite is intended to build connection through Judaism - not only within our own community but to the broadest community possible, and to build bridges between all types of Jews. The purpose is toward Ahavas Yisroel, loving every Jew, especially in a world where Jews are agreeing to disagree. We can weave unity by knitting one Jew to another. Shalom in our homes, shalom in our communities, shalom in our workplace and shalom for Jewish people everywhere is the goal.

Ask Moses
An unusual site, but it discusses some very important Jewish concepts. Its format raised my eyebrow, and the pages take a long time to load, but the answers I read there were good, and well-presented.

Ohr Somayach
One of the best all-around sites for learning about Judaism.

National Jewish Outreach Program
A great Jewish resource!

The Aish HaTorah Website
In their words: "Everything Jewish, Jewish Holidays, Israel News, Holocaust Studies, Jewish Spirituality, Weekly Torah Portion, Western Wall Camera, Parenting, Dating, Marriage, Bar Mitzvah, Shabbat, and more."

Naaleh-On-line Torah School for Women
Torah Learning for Women on the Web. Beginner and Advanced levels. Live, interactive classes with world renowned scholars: Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller, Rabbi Hanoch Teller, Mrs. Shira Smiles, Rabbi Avishai David.

Jewish Resource Sites, a page on the Shipping Consolidators web site.
This site helps people -- for free! -- find low-cost shipping services for people moving to Israel. I know nothing about the "Shipping Consolidators", but this page on their site has a wide variety of very interesting Jewish links.

National Jewish Committee on Scouting, and The National Jewish Girl Scout Committee
Find a Jewish Boy or Girl Scouts unit (all ages and all levels) near you, or in some place you would like to visit, and have a grand time! These organizations provide Scouting opportunities for Jewish youth, and promote Jewish values in Scouting.

Shema Yisrael Torah Network
If you visit this site, you will spend a great deal of time there! There is a lot of very good information here, though much of it seems rather advanced.

 Berachot Site
Need to know what brocha (blessing) to say on a certain food? This brochot website has a complete list of foods, from A to Z, including what bracha to say before and after, as well as all the halachos of brachos and Hebrew texts.

"Free Torah MP3 Classes and Torah Reading." TorahForMe offers classes in Parsha, Halacha, Q&A, Rambam, Hashkafa, Sefer Hamidot by the Dubna Magid, Chovas Hatalmidim, and much much more.

 Tiferes Judaica Store
High quality Mezuzah, Tefillin, Sefer Torah Scrolls, Judaica Gifts, and Silver, mezuzah cases, Siddurim (Prayer Books), Jewish Books, art, and just about anything a Jewish home and synagogue might need. They boast a staff of certified Sofrim who are experts in their craftsmanship and expertise in writing, inspecting and restoring the sacred scrolls. I once worked there, and I highly recommend them.

 Judaica Mall
Judaica Mall offers high quality Jewish gifts and ritual items for any occasion. Judaica Mall prides itself on being the place for finding these special Jewish gifts you have been searching for. Their Judaica shop feature over 2000 unique products, Mezuzah, Hanukkah gifts, Candlesticks and more.

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